AI in Basketball: A Wealth of Possibilities

The game of basketball is constantly changing and evolving. The NBA today is nothing like the NBA of 10 years ago. Yet how can the game continue to grow into the future? Many teams, developers, and players have turned to data analysis and artificial intelligence technologies to answer this question.

Noah Basketball is a company founded by a father who only wanted to help his daughter improve her shot. He attached a computer to a camera and put it in his driveway to track and record the angle of the ball’s trajectory for each shot. Today, Noah Basketball has become an established technology used by half of the NBA teams, multiple top college programs, and hundreds of individuals throughout the U.S. Similar technologies such as HomeCourt, which tracks advanced statistics such as launch angle, reaction time, body position, vertical jump, and leg angle, have been used to share this technology with the general public. Making this technology available to everyone is a big step in promoting the evolution of the game.

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